Into The Blind
After their mission goes horribly wrong, a rookie agent must push deep into the territory of a dark cult to save her abducted partner. I co-wrote this four-part miniseries for YouTube's VR channel.
Released 2017

Eerie California
I host, direct and edit this ongoing paranormal investigation series that explores the strange, the weird and the downright spooky in southern California and beyond.
Launched 2017

Short Circuits
Short Circuits by Roosterhead is an exploration into writing captivating sub-minute-length songs, with a lyrical emphasis on relevant social and political commentary. The 14 songs in 12 minutes are a barrage of concise, compact statements that avoid taking even an extra second to get their points across.

All 14 videos were shot over the course of a week on zero budget, and highlighted the band's colorful DIY aesthetic. I directed A Game of Replacement, Apocalyptic SightseeingJune Gloom And The Celestial Loneliness, Rat Race At The End Of The Rainbow and Attitude For Sale. I was DP on The Tribe, MUA on Anthropomorphic Everyday Objects, one pair of arms on Independent Princess, and Chief Cat Wrangler on Don't Fry My Mind.

Released February 2017

Dance With Me
A music video for Roosterhead (covering Air Supply) that I wrote, directed, and edited in three days.
Released August 2016

Got Fury?
I wrote, directed, and produced this Mad Max: Fury Road spoof.
Released June 2015

Season of the Witch
A Halloween cover of Donovan's "Season of the Witch" performed by Roosterhead
Released October 2016