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The Bermuda Triangle Of Beverly Hills
Article in "Celebrity Ghosts & Notorious Hauntings", Visible Ink Press, 2019

Introduction: The Deer Park
An introduction to Maria Russell's short story in the anthology "Rediscovery: Science Fiction Women", Journey Press, 2019

Legends Of South County
Contributing writer for this political-themed board game, awaiting release in 2019

VPF Writes - Virtual Pitchfest
Several articles on the process of writing, rewriting and taking notes from producers
Road To Rock Stardom
Game writer and designer for this card game about managing rock bands (currently in development)

Earth Awaits - SciFiNow
Cover story and six-page interview with Grace Park & Tricia Helfer on Battlestar Galactica

Selling Memories - SciFiNow
Four-page feature story on the business of collectibles and memorabilia

The Good, The Bad, The Geeky Nerd Like You
A look ahead at upcoming TV shows premiering Fall/Winter 2013

Pied Piper - Death Ray
An interview with comics writer/artist David Petersen

Red Alert: Spoilers - SciFiNow
Regular episode recaps of Chuck, Heroes, The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Stargate Atlantis, and more

10 Things To Do Once The Game Of Thrones’ Third Season Ends - Nerd Like You
A roundup of TV shows, films, books and video games fans of Game of Thrones should check out

Movie Magic - Syfy online
An interview with Christopher Priest on the movie adaptation of his novel, The Prestige

Getting Familiar with Strange - Broad Universe
An interview with Susanna Clarke, author of Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell

End of the World Blues - Infinity Plus
An interview with Jon Courtenay Grimwood on his latest novel

Book Reviews - SciFiNow

The Vault - SciFiNow
A monthly four-page feature on collectibles and events

About Heroes - SciFiNow
An introduction/recap of the TV series Heroes

Collector's Guide to New Doctor Who - SciFiNow
Merchandise guide to the TV series

The Tollhouse
Short fiction. A lowly maintenance worker with an unusual employer makes a discovery that will change his life forever. Published in Myth-Understandings (NewCon Press, 2008) and later adapted as a 15-page screenplay