Black Hills

Earlier this month, I posted my supernatural western pilot, BLACK HILLS, on the Black List website, where it can be read and reviewed by industry professionals.

LOGLINE: In 1832, a remote trading post on the very edge of the American Frontier is besieged by a dark supernatural power. While the occupants struggle to identify a murderer in their midst, old secrets and lies come to the surface and a discovery is made that will affect every man and woman in the Black Hills. Tonally think SALEM with a hint of David Lynch.

The script received a great review from one of the Black List's professional readers, who said:

"This pilot is absolutely overflowing with potential, feeling like a cross between DEADWOOD and AMERICAN HORROR STORY, with shocking twists and reveals, excellent dialogue, and compelling characters."

It's available for download to industry members - but only for a limited time, so please read it and rate it while you can!

Horror Western Mythological Supernatural Thriller