Back in the [Journalistic] Saddle

When you write scripts for a long time (in my case, it's been about five years since I've written anything but), you tend to forget what it feels like for your words to be the End Product.

A script is a blueprint - an artistic and lovingly-crafted document, sure, but it's not intended for mass consumption. It's just a plan for a movie - a document that only a handful of people will ever read (a couple of agents, some executives, the actors, a director and, if you're lucky, maybe a few hardcore fans). A movie's audience, by and large, will never see the script - hell, some aren't even aware that it exists*.

So today, I experienced a feeling I haven't felt in some time. People were actually reading something I'd written that was, in itself, the final product. I had committed an act of journalism - and it felt AWESOME.

The piece is titled "10 Things To Do Once The Game Of Thrones’ Third Season Ends". Don't worry, the piece is spoiler free - unless you know LESS THAN ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about Game of Thrones ("omg, there are games? And thrones?"), in which case, the article won't mean a thing.

The article is the first of many I'll be writing for Nerd Like You, a website dedicated to all things nerdy from entertainment to science to fashion.

It sure feels good to be back in the journalistic saddle!

*True story - you'd be surprised how many times I've had the following conversation:

Random Person at a Party or Wherever: So, what do you do?
Me: I'm a screenwriter.
RP: *blank look*
Me: I write screenplays. You know, scripts - for films and TV shows.
RP: Like... Wait, what do you mean?
Me: I write movies.
RP: *Thinks for a moment* From books?
Me: Um, you mean adaptations? Sometimes, but usually I work on my own original ideas.
RP: *more blank staring*
Me: I come up with the story.
RP: So, you write what the actors are going to say?
Me: Yeah, the dialogue, and also the story and the action - like what the characters do, how a car chase or a fight scene goes down, whether the guy gets the girl in the end. Everything that happens in a movie comes from a script.
RP: It does?
Me: Yeah.
*awkward pause*
RP: And someone writes that?