Work Vs. Writing - Yes, You Can Do Both

This week, I started the first full time job I've had in a while. I had been working part time (thanks to a supportive hubby who took care of the bills), but I'd been yearning for a proper industry job for quite some time.

That part time job allowed me plenty of extra time to write and organize my schedule around meetings and conference calls, but now I'm in a full time job, can I keep it up?

The short answer is yes. It in't easy, but writing is important to me. More important than hanging out at the beach, more important than playing Uncharted (though I do love me some Nathan Drake), more important than sleeping in.

I still make time for the fun stuff - I just work smart. I get up at six AM and I write for at least a solid hour. I've trained myself to be able to "turn on the genius" and jump straight into writing when I have a spare five or ten minutes (it's amazing how much time that adds up to). I carry a notebook or my iPad with me everywhere (or, if I forget, I'm not shy to ask someone for a pen and start writing on my arm - just don't forget to type it up before your next shower!).

I'm always meeting people who want to be writers. They say, "I have a book idea I'm going to start work on when I get time." Or, "I'm a writer, but I don't write very often because I have to work and go to the movies and hang out with my friends." If you're one of those people, I have a terrible truth for you: you're not a writer. Writers write. If writing is something you're passionate about - if you share your headspace with your characters and you plot storylines in your dreams - you can't not write. You find the time. You make it work. You do what it takes. No excuses.