What Happens in Vegas...Ends Up in a Script

I spent most of this past week in Las Vegas with my hubby/muse for some well-deserved rest and relaxation. Not that we're the rest-and-relaxation type - every moment of the trip was spent on some adventure, be it crime solving at MGM's CSI Experience, doing a self-guided tour of the historic district, or rummaging through weird and wonderful junk at a random swap meet.

There was time for some writing and brainstorming on the journey there and back, zipping along at 70mph surrounded by nothing but dust, sand and rock. The blank canvas landscape is not unlike a blank page - inspiring in its possibilities and a little daunting in its emptiness.

I'm back in LA now, facing the exciting culmination of over a year's worth of work on a single project. Hopefully, I'll have some great news to share with you soon. Stay tuned!