Hats and the Things Under Them

As ever, it's been a while.

The reason I've been quiet is, conversely, because things have been happening. Said things have a) kept me extremely busy and b) not been finalized yet, meaning I have to keep everything under my hat until deals are made, contracts are signed, and it's been reported on Deadline (or so I fantasize).

Of things I can mention, here's a vague rundown: I've finished one feature and started outlining a new one; I took some really neat photos of the South Dakotan landscape of the holidays (and plan to turn one into a 3D image); and I'm working on a web series that I'll produce (and maybe direct) myself.

Luke and I recently decided to redecorate the house, and so far we've turned a foosball table into a dining bar and styled our kitchen as a 50s era diner.

Hopefully you'll see more frequent blog posts in the future once the tape has been removed from my mouth!