Summer Projects

It's been an incredibly busy summer; not only have I moved house (from OC to the South Bay - yay LA county!), but I've also written a feature and outlined/pitched lots of ideas for TV, film, and web series.

I've also flexed my artistic wings this summer, finally (after years of planning) starting work on Magpie Museum as well as creating a couple of pieces of art...

Alternative History Maps

Imagine a history in which the Romans crossed the great sea and discovered America in 117 AD...

In the first of a series, this fantasy map documents the expansion of the Roman Empire to the eastern shores of America and the establishment of forts in New York or, as it was called by the Romans, Novus Roma - "New Rome".

Novus Roma

This is the first in a series of alternate history maps. Purchase this piece of art through eBay.

Follow Your Dreams - street art project

Inspired by the homemade posters advertising get rich quick schemes and offering rewards for lost cats, I created my own version to inspire passersby to follow their dreams (complete with a handy tear-off reminder).





Download the poster or create your own and spread the inspiration in your neighborhood!

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