Doing my happy dance

I’m very pleased to report that 2011 has rapidly become the best year yet for my creative career (as well as my intrinsically-linked mental well-being).

BIG NEWS: After much hard work, one of my original TV scripts has garnered the attention of a development company here in H’wood. I can’t say much about it right now – in fact, I’ve been instructed to keep my cards as close to my chest as possible – but I can say that this is a huge opportunity and I’m really excited! Keep your fingers crossed for me and I’ll post more when I can.

I’ve also been working at a TV production company as an Assistant to the VP of TV Production – pretty much my ideal job (after working in the writer’s room). It’s only a temp gig, but the experience is invaluable and I’m hoping I can turn this brief opportunity into something more. Plus, the income really helps.