Screenplay Central

I've been working on so many projects lately, I'm starting to dream in screenplay format! Here's an update on my latest projects:

2030, DO YOU COPY? is an original TV pilot for a children's show. The script is ready and available!
An unadventurous 13-year-old boy finds a magical radio that allows him to communicate with the future, but once he learns the year 2030 is a bleak, dangerous place, he resolves to change things in the present day and save the world from ruin.

FALLEN SNOW (working title) is a short film I've penned for Ryu Koyama, a Chapman student working on his senior thesis. Shooting begins later this month.
A struggling single mom fights to protect her child from the ghost of his deceased father.

SPEAR is the feature film I've mentioned here before. The script is available, pending one final edit.
A rebellious teenager finds a mysterious artifact of great power and he terrorizes the town in a misguided attempt to right perceived wrongs.

INDIE BAND is still under wraps but is steadily progressing... More soon.

I've also been interning at Level 1 Entertainment for a couple of days each week, reading scripts and writing coverage. It's a fantastic company and a great place to work.

I'll be at the LA Screenwriting Expo this weekend, pitching and schmoozing and generally having educational fun. Look for me if you're there!