Semester's end

I can't believe it's here already; this semester has gone by so quickly. But final exams are next week, and I am almost (almost) done with all my college papers and projects.

SPEAR is going through a complete overhaul with a shiny new synopsis developed in my screenwriting class. The first act is written, and I plan to have the rest of it finished, polished, and sent out by the end of June.

PROJECT X (also known as the Untitled Morgenstern/Weaver Project) is ticking along - there's nothing I can really post here *yet*, but I have a meeting in a couple of weeks and I might be able to say more afterwards.

APOCALYPSE is in hiatus at the moment, but watch this space for news! Great things are happening off-screen...

I was recently interviewed for SciFiNow magazine (left) about the Arthur C. Clarke Award. Quite the turn-around - one year I'm writing for them, the next I'm being interviewed by them!

INCARNATE is, yet again, relegated to the backburner, but I'll get to it over the summer. One thing at a time!