Spear and Project X

I recently sent out a query letter for VIRUS, my spec TV pilot, which (among other things) led to a very interesting conversation with a producer about a new project he'd like me to be involved with. I have a meeting with him this afternoon up in Calabasas (I've had to borrow a car to get up there; and I really should get a Californian driving license sometime soon!). I'm extremely excited to meet with him and discuss the project in more detail... Obviously I can't go into details here, but watch this space for info!

SPEAR is coming along nicely; I've done a massive overhaul of the plot, sharpened the characters, and mapped out the location (Fort Waverton even has its own map, closely based on the existing town of Webster, South Dakota). I'm writing the first act for my Feature Screenwriting class, and expect to finish the script about a week after finals!

APOCALYPSE, in collaboration with JuteBlue, is slowly coming along. I delivered the first chapter to the band last week, so they're working on the song as I plot out the rest of the story. Updates soon!

Speaking of the band, they have a gig at the Doll Hut this Sunday (March 29) at 11.30pm. Be there!