SPEAR, VIRUS, APOCALYPSE, INCARNATE - all one-word titles. Do I do that on purpose?

Spring semester has started, so things have been a little hectic the past couple of weeks as I try to adjust to the new routine. Not much has happened on SPEAR since the table reading two weeks ago, though I've decided to do a completely fresh draft (verison 2.0) which I'll be starting soon.

Higher up on the agenda is VIRUS, the TV pilot, which is just about as polished as it's ever going to get and is ready to send out into the big wide world of agents and execs. It's been two years in the writing (on and off), and finally I'm happy with it - so stay tuned for details!

The main focus is APOCALYPSE, a webisode-structured sequence of four-minute musical shorts, which I'm co-writing with JuteBlue. I'm creating the story, narrative, characters, and some lyrics; their focus is on songwriting and musical composition. We're going to be filming the first two or three (depending on funding), which is why it's important for me to focus on this right now while I have access to cheap/free equipment and crew. I'll be directing and (hopefully co-)producing, and the band make up the cast.

JuteBlue at the Gypsy Den:

Left to right: Luke Johnson, Christian Calvert, Shawn Her Many Horses

I've also started submitting my novel, INCARNATE, to publishers again, so hopefully I will have some news there soon. I realized I only submitted the latest draft to one or two places before I shelved it, which wasn't really fair on the manuscript!

Ok, scripts to read and treatments to draft. Signing off.