Things tick along steadily.

VIRUS has been unleashed to just over 4,000 producers, agents, and execs; here's hoping one or two of them are interested!

The story for APOCALYPSE is growing day by day - mostly in my head, but a lot of it is down on paper. I'm writing it prose-style to begin with, then breaking it down into episodes, and finally turning it over to the guys at JuteBlue to turn into great music.

SPEAR is on the back burner, but bubbling away. The past few weeks have seen some coincidental events in my life that mirror the script; once I get to the core of my emotional response, it will make the script all the stronger.

No word back on INCARNATE yet, but I read through my outline for ANGEL HUNTERS (the comic) and will try to find a market for that in the next few weeks. I also need to gear up on the freelance journalism again! Here's hoping I don't require any sleep for the next month...