Hello from LA

It's been a while since I last wrote, but in that time I've given up my job, started university, and moved to a different continent!

I'm settling in well at Chapman U in Orange County, California. My classes include visual storytelling, film aestheticals, screenwriting fundamentals, American science fiction films, location filmmaking (where we make a professional fifteen minute short film), and Industry Insiders, which involves Q&As with industry pros each week.

I'm also working part-time on campus. My first job is tech support for events, which often includes video-taping guest speakers with a really nice Canon XL1S digital camera; my second job is updating the Film & TV school's website: www.ftv.chapman.edu

Outside of university, I'm busy building a new website, portfolio, and online store for Dominic Harman, as well as designing a brochure and new green logo for London Calling.