How time flies

It's been nearly two months since my last post. I've been busy finishing the uni applications (all done now, yay!), being made redundant, getting rehired (same company, different department), and enjoying Christmas and New Year.

I hear back about the uni applications over the next few months - probably from Chapman first, then the AFI, LMU, and UCLA around March-April.

The new day-job title is 'Products Researcher' for Blueprint and FX Magazines, which involves writing editorial copy, laying pages and selling advertorials. It utilises a lot of my skills but is challenging at the same time. I'm in the same office as before, just a couple of desks over.

I haven't been doing much writing - prose, scripts, comics or anything else. I'm having a bit of a break from it all for a few weeks, though that's not to say I'm not eager to get stuck in to it. The ideas are there, I'm just waiting for the words to start flowing.

On the journalistic front, I have been busy working for SciFiNow, continuing to write the Events DPS and now doing the Spoilers section each month (recapping about 15 episodes of a selection of shows each issue). It's good work and great money. I'll post scans soon.