Scribblers scribbled

Yow! My keyboard is hot, hot, hot. I've been working furiously on SCRIBBLERS, the sitcom idea-turned-CobraVision competition entry, to complete it in time for the deadline. How quickly the months pass when you're working on a competition...

September: Ah, that December deadline is ages away! With that much time, I can afford to go into lots of detail and really plan this script out properly...

October: Ok, I haven't really started on that CobraVision thing except for a few notes. I should make a start with the actual script this weekend.

November: Erk! It's just over a month to the deadline and I've only done the first ten pages! I'd better get a move on!

December: Well that brief spurt of work at the end of November really helped get a lot of it down, but I still need to finish the damn thing, re-draft it, polish it, check it, print it, and get it sent - oh hell and work's really piling up in other places too!

But I got the work done...

Today: It's finished; it's posted; and I'm very pleased with the end result! Now there's a good feeling of satisfaction. Even if I don't win (and the chances of me winning are very slim) I have a pretty damn good script that can easily be turned into a sitcom script and six-episode plan.


I was out last night with Ian and the gang from the screenwriting course, in the Princess Louise pub in Holborn (which, thanks to hearing the Central Line tube announcements every day as I pass through the station, I have now started pronouncing "Ho-bun"). It's a quaint old place that is at the same time inviting, relaxing, annoying and scuzzy. Inviting because it's crowded in that nice, welcoming way and has lots of nooks, crannies and corner tables; relaxing due to a roaring open fire; annoying because the clientele don't seem to appreciate the quaintness and they hog all the nooks and corner tables unnecessarily; and scuzzy because you find the pretty vases dotted around the bar are, on closer inspection, stuffed with crisp wrappers and cigarette butts, the carpet is grubby and the place stinks of smoke.

But my night wasn't about the pub - it was about the company. And what great company it was!


Today's work: A step outline of ENCHANTED. The aim is to start and finish it, but for now I'm happy just to get started. Now where the hell are my notes?!