Busy Bee

Work has stepped up more than a few notches of late, hence the lack of blog-time. I currently have too many projects on the go but, fortunately, lots of free time and not too many deadlines to meet.

Good News/Bad News

Well, mostly good...

I finished the treatment for ENCHANTED recently and sent it off to the UK Film Council for a funding application - I'll hear within eight weeks if they've accepted it or not.

My short story Thomas & Clarissa was rejected for Polyphony 6 (annoyingly I found out via the website, although it could just be that I missed the message due to problems with email).

Finished a final polish on INCARNATE and posted it to an agent for consideration. I've also finished lots more shorts and am currently switching my head from edit mode to mail-out mode, so stay tuned for news.

I'm now officially Production Editor (as well as Features) for Matrix Magazine, which is very exciting.

Lots more ideas are in the mix, including TV pitches for a sit-com called SCRIBBLERS and a series called MARLOWE; several comic/graphic novel ideas; and an art exhibition designed for children.