New Year

Well I'm now thoroughly back into writing after the tumultuous upheaval that is Christmas and New Year. I've broken the 30k barrier on Glass, which is always the tricky part, and am plugging away regularly (averaging about 1,100 words per day, about four days a week). I'd like to get that up to 1,500 a day, five days a week (or ideally six), but I am well practised in setting myself targets I can't possibly hit and then being very diappointed in myself, so I'm happy with this for now.

This year will see a lot of changes, I hope - I plan to stretch myself in lots of new ways including scriptwriting (which I used to do at college, but haven't tried again since) and comedy (which I've never really done - how do I know if I'm funny?). There are two projects lined up for the latter - a co-written novel, which already has 27k under its belt, called Shadows & Ashes; and an as-yet untitled sit-com, which may or may not amount to anything.

So far, everything's looking on target. But it's only week two of the new year, so fingers crossed...