Hello, welcome, etc.

So what's this blog all about? Well, unlike my LiveJournal blog, which is just a load of uninteresting bollocks about my life, I'll be using Blogger to post news about my writing - short stories, novels, journalism. You'll find none of that, "Today I went to the corner shop" crap here.

There probably won't be much about my work to begin with, what with being unpublished an' all, but stick with me, we'll get there!

Works currently in the mix: The BSFA's Matrix Magazine, of which I am co-editor; Glass, a cyberpunk novel, half of which is drafted; Incarnate, a contemporary fantasy (written under the pseudonym Samantha Corvin), which has gone through many drafts and is currently in another one; plus several short stories floating around.

This blog with eventually be embedded in a website, but for now it can run free and wild on the plains of the internet!

But enough about all this. I have work to do.